Spinach Pie

The Vegan Stoner's Spinach Pie


Anonymous said...

When you blend the cauliflower, are you trying to blend it smooth? because I needed *one and a half* cups water to get it to blend.

The Vegan Stoner said...

Hi Anonymous-

You want the cauliflower mixture to be as thick as possible. The cauliflower won't move much in the blender without at least 1/2 cup of water, so we recommend trying that first. If it still won't budge, add 1/4 cup more until it starts to blend smoothly.

Thanks for your question-

Anonymous said...

Sounds good, I would stir in the nutritional yeast at step 6 to preserve more nutritional value. Thank you for inspiring my inner chef!

Emilly said...

Oh what an amazing experience. Your recipe looks so fantastic, I’m completely envious.

Riley Schwarcz said...

I barely have words for this recipe, just weird guttural noises that indicate its perfection. Wow!

robert said...


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